Partner announcement: Order Control

Partner announcement: Order Control

Posted on 16.12.2021, 13:02

The new alliance will help construction contractors get a complete overview of their orders and will help reduce waste in construction projects.

Logiq has entered a partnership with Order Control, a visionary company delivering a lean logistics solution for the construction industry. The two companies will focus on delivering value to construction contractors through digitization of the ordering process.

Logiq has extensive experience within the construction industry and has been a vital part in the digitization of trade documents in the Nordics. However, much of the material on construction sites is still ordered without leaving a digital trace.

Order Control delivers a solution that makes it easy to digitize the process and get an overview of who has ordered what, and when and where it will be delivered. By generating a digital OrderID in their app and using this in the order process, the order confirmation and other trade documents can automatically be mapped to the correct project and person.

Logiq now provides a connector for Order Control that enables contractors to receive order confirmations and other trade documents from their suppliers. All transactions will be processed by Logiq’s transaction platform and delivered in a standardized format to Order Control. This will speed up the onboarding and time-to-value for companies using Order Control.


There has been a lot of focus on waste and inefficiencies on construction sites, and we believe that Order Control presents a solution to parts of this problem. We are excited to partner with Order Control and to provide a connector that enables our customers to easily start using their software. Most of the relevant suppliers are already customers of Logiq, and this partnership will further strengthen our position in the industry and provide added value to our customers
Troels Hansen, CEO of Logiq
Logiq is the leading provider of EDI services in the Nordic building- and construction industry, and was a natural partner for Order Control. Their flexible solutions make it easy for us to onboard new customers. They have a proven professional- and industry knowledge, and we look forward to continuing the collaboration to digitize ordering in the construction industry
Ken Morten Steen, CEO of Order Control

About Order Control

Order Control helps contractors reduce waste of time and material. With three keystrokes, you can generate an OrderID to identify the purchase orders. With this, you will know who has ordered what and to which project, when the material will arrive, and how much will be delivered. Control of purchase prices against framework agreements, as well as posting with project and general ledger account, is done automatically by the system. The result is less time spent on administrative tasks, and data capture that allows you to build faster and with better control.


About Logiq

Logiq is the leading Nordic digital trade network for exchange of trade documents between businesses. We offer full support and interoperability for all document types in the purchase-to-pay and order-to cash processes, and we streamline the digital communication for more than 5.000 companies in the Nordic market. Our services are continuously developed to further increase the business value we provide to our customers. The company was established in 1999, and we have offices in Halden, Oslo and Stockholm.