Logiq depend on having unique co-workers to succeed. Our focus on innovation and continuous development of new services within a market of healthy growth, demands talented and ambitious people that wish to contribute in an unformal and professional environment.

We are now a highly committed and motivated team of approximately 60 employees localized in Halden, Oslo and Stockholm.

Here is a closer presentation of our co-workers that have the most customer contact, i.e. Management, Sales and Servicedesk. You can get in touch with our eminent professionals working in the Technical Department through Servicedesk.


Knut Rosness


Troels Hansen

Country manager Sweden

Gisle Åsberg


Roland Al-harbi

Head of Sales

Martin Børke

Director of Marketing and Product Management

Arne Børresen

Finance Manager

Jan Bjerke

IT Operations Manager / CIO

Malin Lindgren

Service Manager / CCO


Trine Skogsberg

Senior Sales Manager

Joachim Fagerstrand Langvik

Magnus Bergström Tärnbrink

Senior Sales Manager

Anders Idebøen

Business developer

Mari Berg Johnsen

Sales and Marketing Coordinator


Elisabeth H. Kielland

Service Manager

Caroline Fjeld

Service Manager

Christin S. Vegstein

Service Manager

Siri Norderhaug

Service Manager

Christina Briskerud

Service Manager

Geir Isaksson

Service Manager