Logiq & Pearl in collaboration

Logiq & Pearl in collaboration

Posted on 24.04.2023, 18:10

Logiq and Pearl have entered into a collaboration to offer their joint customers scalable and customizable solutions for a seamless and digital flow process.

Through this partnership, customers can expect a complete solution for the digital value chain, which reduces manual work and provides both standardized and automated processes.


Cutting-edge digital development

The use of digital and modern technical solutions in a business is often a decisive factor in achieving success and becoming a competitive player in the market. These solutions enable businesses to increase their efficiency, reduce time and costs, and improve their customer service. By applying modern technologies and working methods, companies can keep pace with rapid developments. Investing in digital solutions is an important strategy for improving operations and achieving long-term success.

SAP is one of the leading ERP platforms in the market and offers a range of solutions for businesses in all industries. Integration with EDI ensures standardized and automatic transfer of data and documents between collaboration partners. This opportunity has now become even stronger as Pearl, one of the largest SAP partners in the Nordic region, collaborates with Logiq. Together, we offer our joint customers a complete digital business process in Purchase-to-Pay and Order-to-Cash.


Solutions that save time and money

With the joint offering from Logiq and Pearl, companies can now benefit from our accumulated many years of experience in both SAP and digital integration as well as technical solutions and processes that save both time and money. By offering a standardized process for both inbound and outbound trade documents, quality-assured, smooth, and efficient digital handling is ensured.


Through the partnership with Logiq, we can now offer the next level of standardized and automated end-to-end solutions in SAP through digital integration with both customers and suppliers in all process steps.
– Carl Mattsson, Senior Consultant, Pearl Sweden


In addition to offering automated handling of trade documents, Peppol will play a central role in the services offered by Logiq and Pearl. As a “best-practice” access point, the highest standard is guaranteed when it comes to digital communication between companies. This gives businesses the opportunity to manage their transactions efficiently and securely while taking advantage of the latest technologies on the market and the latest solutions in SAP. An example is SAP Invoice Management, which provides support for automation of incoming order responses, delivery notifications, and invoices from suppliers and includes a standard integration for Peppol invoices.


Together with Pearl, we get an experienced partner in SAP solutions where we can help customers automate and digitize their supply chain messages.
– Anne Ferm, Senior Sales Manager, Logiq Sweden


In summary, the partnership between Logiq and Pearl enables our customers to take advantage of automated processes and Peppol solutions, which in turn leads to a smoother and more efficient business process. Companies can reduce manual handling, avoid errors and corrections, and thus focus on other important business areas.







Logiq is a leading Nordic trade network for exchanging business documents between companies. They provide full support and exchange of all document types in the “Purchase-to-pay” and “Order-to-cash” processes, streamlining digital communication for more than 5,000 companies. Logiq’s services are continuously developed to further increase the value added to customers. The company was founded in 1999 and has offices in Halden, Oslo, and Stockholm.



Pearl is one of the leading providers of ERP solutions in Northern Europe. We offer complete solutions across a wide range of application areas, ensuring our customers’ success through high competence, advanced technology, and unique business understanding. Pearl always aims for long-term partnerships and is a market leader in the implementation of SAP’s new in-memory platform, S/4 HANA. With 370 employees, Pearl operates in Sweden, Norway, Latvia, Ukraine, Poland, and Singapore.