Logiq joins TIEKE

Logiq joins TIEKE

Posted on 27.10.2023, 18:40

Logiq has joined TIEKE, the Finnish Information Society Development Centre, in order to strengthen our presence and capacity in the Finnish market for EDI services.  By joining TIEKE, Logiq can offer our customers new and improved solutions to efficiently exchange electronic trade documents with businesses and organizations in Finland.   


TIEKE is responsible for the e-invoice address depository in Finland. They offer an extensive network of service providers in this market, as well as interoperability agreements and standardization to ensure the collaboration and information exchange between these providers. By joining TIEKE, we aim to help our customers with improved and more streamlined business processes across the Nordic markets.   

At the current stage we are establishing interoperability agreements with all the other service providers in the network. At the same time, we are developing and testing the technical solutions to ensure compliance with all Finnish formats and protocols. When we are fully integrated in the network, our customers can expect the same high quality of services and support that they are used to from our other markets.   

By the end of 2023, we expect to be able to distribute the majority of invoices with Finnish companies directly via the TIEKE network. We will also retain our current intermediary until we have a direct connection set up with all service providers in TIEKE. 

By joining TIEKE and offer direct access to the Finnish market, we strengthen our position as a leading EDI service provider in the Nordics.