Information for suppliers to NorSea Denmark

Information for suppliers to NorSea Denmark

For a faster, more efficient, and more secure handling of invoices, we have decided to accept electronic invoices from our suppliers. To be able to send electronic invoices, you must have an agreement with an e-invoice/EDI provider. If you do not currently have the capability to send electronic invoices, please feel free to contact our provider Logiq, and they will help you find a solution.

Norsea Denmark A/S is able to receive electronic invoices from 01.11.2023.

We prefer electronic invoices, but if you do not have the opportunity to send electronic invoices, PDF invoices will be received via:  

Get started

Inform your e-invoice/EDI provider that you shall now send electronic invoices to NorSea Denmark A/S cvr 49677715 Start sending electronic invoices according to the content requirements described below.

General requirements

In order for us to process your electronic invoice, one of the requirements below must be met

  • The invoice is marked with the employee number of the invoice processor in Norsea Denmark A/S, primarily in the Reference field.
  • The exceptions are where you have been told to send an invoice to certain departments, e.g. Agentur, Rig, Energy Solutions, CCU etc. Label the invoice with the name of the department.
  • If you have received a purchase order (PO), the PO number must be entered in the field for order number (7 digits – only digits in this field)

Electronic invoicing via the Peppol network or EDI-provider

  • NorSea Denmark A/S is connected to Peppol and would like you to primarily send your invoices that way.
  • Electronic invoices can also be sent through Logiq via your EDI-provider.
  • Any attachment must be sent in PDF- format.

Addressing Denmark:

Peppol: NorSea Denmark A/S
Peppol identifiers: 0088:5790002776731 or 0184:DK49677715

Nemhandel: NorSea Denmark A/S
EAN/GLN 5790002776731 or DK:CVR»>DK49677715

Reminders and account statements :

Always use IBAN number on electronic invoices

Contact us if you have questions or need more information

For questions to NorSea Denmark A/S regarding this letter contact:

SSC – Shared Service Center – is the receiving center for all invoices in the Norsea Group in Scandinavia.

If you do not have a current EDI- operator and want to get in touch with Logiq sales department, contact us: