“Logiq gave us excellent control”

“Logiq gave us excellent control”

"Optimera is always one step ahead. Logiq has the necessary experience and competency to help develop tomorrow’s digital solutions when it comes to electronic document-management."

Logiq is the service provider for Norway’s largest building materials retailer, Optimera. We manage all outbound traffic including print, and are about to include all inbound traffic of electronic documents.

“Optimera did not have control over the outgoing billing routines. This resulted in a lot of manual work, and the processes were complicated and time consuming. With Logiq, we completed a professional project to identify possibilities and challenges, and designed solutions based on our needs.

Logiq is now a significant strategic partner for Optimera. We have obtained excellent control over the transactions throughout the value chain, with traffic lights and receipt solutions enabling us to stay ahead of our customers. All traffic will eventually be sent through Logiq: it is efficient, cost-effective and reliable.

Optimera shall always be one step ahead. Logiq has the necessary experience and knowledge to help us develop the digital document-management solutions of tomorrow. The collaboration with Logiq is unique, and I can highly recommend Logiq as a very competent and professional partner within their field”.

Runar Halvordsrud, IT Director, Optimera

About Optimera: Optimera is the largest building materials retailer in  Norway, with sales and distribution of building materials, hardwood and interior. They have 140 stores, 2000 employees and close to 70 billion NOK in turnover. The company consists of Optimera Proff, Optimera Handel, Optimera Byggsystemer, Optimera Logistikk and the retail chains Montér and Byggi. Optimera is a part of the multinational corporation Saint-Gobain with more than 193000 co-workers in 64 different countries, making it one of Europe’s largest distributors of building materials.

For more information, see www.optimera.no