Flexit: 20 years of digital trade

Flexit: 20 years of digital trade

More than 20 years ago, Flexit started their collaboration with Logiq for EDI services and became our first customer. According to Flexit, it’s no coincidence that the relationship is still strong and thriving.

About Flexit

Flexit is the leading Nordic provider of energy efficient products and services for a better indoor climate in residential and commercial buildings. The company has more than 260 employees in Norway and Sweden and had an annual turnover of 649 MNOK in 2020.

With the environmental policy shifting towards greener alternatives, stricter energy requirements and expectations of digitalization set clear demands for Flexit and the industry. One consequence is that the residential and commercial buildings of the future must use less energy for heating, and Flexit aims to contribute to this ambition without compromising on a healthy indoor climate.

Illustration of Flexit ventilation system.



A pioneer within digital trade

The collaboration with Logiq started in 2000, when Flexit and Byggmakker established the first digital order- and invoice flow between the two companies through Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). Assisted by Logiq, they could now trade digitally from their own internal systems. Orders were sent from Byggmakker’s ordering system and were received and confirmed digitally by Flexit. Flexit could then send the invoice digitally directly to Byggmakker.

Based on their experiences from this project, Flexit decided to raise their ambitions and establish a digital interface towards all corporate accounts in what is known as the “order-to-cash” process. However, this ambition assumed that Flexit could send and receive documents in their own internal document formats, without having to adapt to the formats of each customer. Logiq was the natural fit for the challenge, and a long-term partnership was established.


A digital highway with Logiq

Today, Flexit uses Logiq as their EDI service provider for their order process, as well as for accounts payable and accounts receivable invoices. Both companies have grown over the past twenty years, and Logiq has continued to innovate and deliver solutions to Flexit that are adapted to market developments.

Logiq has also proven to be flexible and adaptable when it comes to the internal changes of Flexit. One example of this is from 2020, when Flexit decided to migrate to Microsoft Dynamics 365 as their ERP system. This internal project resulted in changed formats for all trade documents, which again needed to be handled by the EDI integrations.

The migration to Dynamics 365 was a major project for us. The collaboration with Logiq was excellent, and they were crucial for the success of the project when it comes to document management.

Hege Bakker Torp, Sales and Marketing Coordinator at Flexit


Throughout the years, Logiq has provided additional valuable services to Flexit. Amongst others, Flexit can now send invoices to private accounts and has been connected to the Peppol-network to communicate digitally with businesses around the world. Logiq has also built a solution for ventilation filter subscriptions, streamlining the processing of periodic invoices. “Logiq is handling large amounts of invoices for us with their solution for filter subscriptions,” says Bakker Torp.


Prepared for the future

A solid foundation is set for a continuing relationship between Flexit and Logiq, and it’s no coincidence that Flexit is still a customer after 20 years. They emphasize the importance of a thorough understanding of the market, in-depth EDI expertise, and the fact that Logiq is an established service provider within their industry. In addition, they highly value the exceptional customer support that Logiq provides.

Both companies continue to grow and deliver new and improved solutions. The optimization of the document flow has generated significant ROI and gives Flexit control over their order- and invoicing processes.

While it’s in the order process that we’ve experienced the most remarkable optimizations, the cost savings and control we have gained through digitization of invoices is also noteworthy.

Hege Bakker Torp


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