Byggmakker AS

Byggmakker AS

Byggmakker is one of Logiq’s first customers and has for that reason always been particularly close and important.

Leading in electronic interaction in the industry

Kristin Haugland, responsible for EDI on Byggmakker, says that they try to work electronic in all parts of all processes. Today Byggmakker is 100 % up on EDI on invoices from deliverers, 95% on invoices to clients.

The proportion of orders and order confirmations on EDI has increased significantly over the last three years. Everything from 20-100% is ordered and confirmed on EDI, depending on the quality of master data, and type of goods at the suppliers.

Collaboration with Servicedesk

Kristin Haugland continues to say that the staff of Logiq are quick and professional in in its assistance with both members and suppliers. This appears when there may be a need for technical assistance with file content, file transfers, and file reception.

And, after many years as a customer, the experience is that is has occurred a very good communication and collaboration both on the phone and email between Byggmakker and Logiqs Service Desk, which has first and second line support. The same is to say about the project managers, programmers and sales managers.

The staff at Logiq Servicedesk knows about familiar issues, can inform about Byggmakker’s strict requirements and wishes for the file exchange to be satisfactory. Logiq has also carried out several successful projects with supplier recruitment together with Byggmakker.

With a central invoice management and decentralized order and order management, the setup makes it very complex, which requires good understanding and knowledge.


Specific figures for savings cannot be given after all this time, but Kristin Haugland says it’s not hard to imagine that savings are high when there is automation at all stages, a project that has been going on for many years where Logiq has been a key part. 

“The end customer also seems more concerned about electronic interaction. They download files in Peppol and receive EDI files in their ERP systems, which also give them immediate gains versus previous manual handling. “

Automation provides enormous operating power for Byggmakker as a chain. Logiq is an important partner in this work and we experience both quick service and quality in delivery.