Brødrene Dahl

Brødrene Dahl

Logiq’s expertise in EDI and e-invoicing gives us a better opportunity to consolidate print and sending of EDI files.

By pushing through an even greater share of invoices from print to EDI, we will obtain significant savings compared to the current arrangement” says Pål Ramm, Credit Manager in Brødrene Dahl.


It was a very successful start of cooperation with tje startup of print the first week in February, as scheduled.

«The contract of 20 million NOK is our biggest ever» says Head of Sales Roland Al-Harbi and continues: «This means that Logiq continues to grow as a leading supplier of electronic messaging and document management. The company is growing strongly.»

Senior Sales Manager Trine Skogsberg continues: «This confirms that Logiq is a leading player in Norway within our service area. Our ability to find good solutions to complex challenges for customers is bearing fruit when we win this quote.»


Focus on partnership


Our partner, AdvenIT assisted this Agreement. Today we have approx. 30 professional partners and are always seeking to increase the collaborations with new partners. For Logiq it is a strategic advance with a healthy, good partnership.

«Logiq has a strategic focus on partnership. We work closely with partners who are specialists like ourselves and “best in class” in their respective areas » says Roland Al-Harbi.

Brødrene Dahl was established in 1917 and is now one of the nation’s leading suppliers within the area of expertise Plumbing, VA and Industry. The company have approx. 1500 employees in 2015 and an annual turnover of about 6 billion NOK.

Ansatte hos Logiq, Trine Skogsberg, Elisabeth Kielland på Servicedesk og Roland Al-Harbi.
Above, Trine Skogsberg, Elisabeth Kielland on Servicedesk and Roland Al-Harbi.