Partner announcement: Columbus

Partner announcement: Columbus

Posted on 22.09.2022, 13:03

Columbus and Logiq have entered a strategic partnership to support the digital journey of new and existing mutual customers.

Together, the companies will offer standardized solutions and integrations for electronic commerce. The effect for our customers will include full traceability in the value chain, less manual work, and less errors and deficiencies in the trade documents.


Digitizing the purchasing process 

The main reason for digitization and automation is to reduce or remove tasks that are taking focus, time, or resources away from the more value-creating tasks in a company. Unfortunately, within purchasing, there is still a lot of manual and repetitive work that deals with the distribution, receipt and control of trade documents sent between buyers and sellers. The typical business documents are orders, order confirmations, despatch advice, and invoices.  

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is a mature technology to handle the transfer of data and documents between trading partners. EDI removes the need for paper or e-mail communication, and it enables near real-time transfer of trade documents between the software solutions. To some extent, EDI is the foundation for streamlining and simplifying the purchasing process; the quality of an EDI-implementation can make the difference between growth and stagnation for supply chain intensive companies. 


Time-saving solutions 

One of the most popular add-on services provided by Logiq is Document Control. This service reduces the manual work of involved in following up on errors in incoming documents. Logiq Document Control examines the received trade documents before they reach the recipient and will detect deviations based on the recipient’s own rules and requirements. Many discrepancies are automatically corrected by the algorithms in Document Control, and it is also possible to give the sender opportunity to correct missing or erroneous information.  


A large and important part of our customer base uses Infor M3 as their ERP solution, and this is a foundation that we will continue to build upon. We have clearly seen how well Logiq complements this ERP solution with EDI. Partnering with Columbus, we will establish efficient implementation processes for customers and ensure that they receive a good solution of high-quality.

Troels Hansen, CEO at Logiq


The tools that Logiq offers make an important contribution to providing our Infor M3 and CloudSuite customers with optimal workflows and efficient processes. We look forward to presenting this to more of our customers. We also see that customers can quickly get started with these solutions, as the integrations are already established and in production for several of our customers.

Per Christian Karlsen, Senior Account Executive at Columbus

About Logiq

Logiq is the leading Nordic digital trade network for exchange of trade documents between businesses. We offer full support and interoperability for all document types in the purchase-to-pay and order-to cash processes, and we streamline the digital communication for more than 5.000 companies in the Nordic market. Our services are continuously developed to further increase the business value we provide to our customers. The company was established in 1999, and we have offices in Halden, Oslo and Stockholm.   

About Columbus 

Columbus is a global consulting company that creates lasting values through digital transformation of major companies in the retail, distribution, production, and food industries. Through strategic digital advisory, innovative use of AI, and data-driven insight, they create new, sustainable business opportunities for their customers. Columbus optimizes value chains and business processes through the implementation and operation of business-critical solutions within cloud ERP, modern commerce, and CRM. They also create efficient and high-quality user- and customer experiences that excite, while also increasing the value creation for customers. With 1,800 digital specialists, Columbus delivers their services globally. Columbus is the largest implementation partner of both Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Infor CloudSuite in the Norwegian market. 


Contact sales if you want to learn more about this new partnership or how Logiq can help you.